Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Forbidden Planet Article Review Part I

James W. Moseley wrote some very engaging articles, I highly recommend reading these informative, humorous peaces which are available on FATE magazine's website. I’m not going to talk about all the articles but I will discuss a few of them including this one, The Forbidden Planet. UFO Hunters’ fans will be pleased to know that I procured a coveted interview with Pat Uskert on my facebook page (the wonders of modern technology). UFO Hunters was the History Channel’s hit show that beat Jon Stewart’s ratings during its 3 season run.

 The Forbidden Planet Part 1

In this article The Forbidden Planet, Moseley shares some background information on himself and how he first entered the UFO field. He mentions that once his mother died, his world suddenly became cold and he started to rebel against society. As I mentioned in the previous blog, he rebelled against his authoritative father, General George Van Horn Woseley, a famous right wing anti-Semite figure in politics, by engaging in independent activities such his real estate pursuits, his antiquarian activities, and his gonzo journalism. This clash with his father translated to his relationships in the UFO community with autocratic, serious personalities who were fodder for many of his controversial articles and activities.

His antiquarian pursuits began with a magazine advertisement for Ken Krippine’s anthropological research club. Soon he was trekking the Amazon with other rich anthropological researchers in Krippine’s search for a lost city. It is on these jungle adventures that he began his huaquero hobby and where he first noticed the readability of the Nazca Lines from air.

 Curious about its history, Moseley he went to a local parish in the vicinity of the infamous Nazca pampas and inquired it. The local parish priest gave him a booklet entitled “Mystery on the Desert” by archaeologist Maria Reiche.  Maria Reiche, a German born mathematician who studied the Nazca pampas for 50 years, came to the conclusion that the Nazca Lines were an astronomical calendar which aligns with the constellation Orion. She also theorized that a large variety of delineated surfaces and wide lines required an enormous amount of labor.

 He later gauged Krippine for his opinion of the Nazca (or “Nasca” as it is sometime spelled) Lines.  The various forms… monkeys, fish, hummingbirds, spiders, sharks, orcas, and lizards, he surmised could have been created by native Peruvians with the help of aliens because ancient Peruvians didn’t fly planes in antiquity. Ken Krippine had borrowed this idea from Frank Scully's book Flying Saucers and Moseley would later detail this theory in his FATE magazine contribution which appeared in their October 1955 issue.  Erich Von Daeniken would go a step further in his book, “Chariots of the Gods,” and theorize that the Nazca Lines were an actual runway for flying saucers, despite the various animal forms they created which stretched for miles.  The huge success of the book “Chariots of the Gods” spawned the “ancient aliens” movement and theories based on aliens being among us in ancient times and perhaps created us to mine for gold. As a child, I did marvel at the ornate detailing of massive ancient structures such as the Nazca Lines and pyramids and how they were built by the sheer willpower and creativity of ancient people. Those feats do seem like the supernatural was necessary in order to build them. The artists were worthy of Michelangelo acclaim at least. But does it really mean that humans were helped by alien entities? Does it really require the help of aliens?

Or are the ancient structures the result of engineering by very limited people who are barely out of the stone age and not using mechanical tools (let alone computers)? Somehow the ancient pyramids, Puma Pumku, the statues on Easter Island, and Stonehenge had to be engineered in such a way that massive slabs of rock fit perfectly together. But how was it all achieved? Maybe one of UFO Hunters detectives, Pat Uskert, can help us solve this mystery. Or at least give us his opinion.

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