Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Men from Venus

Valiant Thor and His Comrades Courtesy of gratisenergi.se

Two Men from Venus

Seems that Star Trek is not the only place where you’ll find peace loving, athletic, tall blond extraterrestrials. So is Venus, apparently, and they want to produce offspring with L.A women, according to Moseley. It all started when he was visiting a cousin who was a major anonymous producer in Hollywood for obvious reasons. It is there that he met the freelance set consultant Manon Darlaine. Although she was an expert in studios decorations, she was very connected in the UFO community and was up on the latest UFO news, especially news connected to Hollywood. She wanted Moseley to meet a Venusian named Venutio, better known around Hollywood as Mr. Wheeler, the one who expressed interest in Venusian and L.A women genetic compatibility. And whether or not he found out that answer remains an elusive question. See, after Wheeler played the good samaritan, engaging in activities such as helping local police solve crimes, he disappeared altogether.  

And whilst the wildest vagrants and criminals visited the L.A Times, it was Venutio the Venusian that Journalist Mortimer Bane remembers most. At first, Bane really didn’t want much to do with Venutio and his Venusian companion when they first visited his cubicle to sell their story. He was perfectly skeptical as a journalist ought to be especially when dealing with paranormal phenomena.  And especially if you work for the L.A Times. He asked them to produce some sort of proof that they were who they said they were before he threw them out. Venutio gladly accepted the challenge and scratched the tip of his desk with his thumb. Apparently, that was enough for Bane to believe his story was credible.  

When Moseley heard of Bane’s account, as is his proclivity, he dismissed Bane as a kook. That is until, weeks later, Darlaine called him about a lab test done on the scratch. Seems that it was impossible to make that indentation with a human fingernail.  According to the results, it would take 1700 pounds to make that kind of indentation into the metal. Not even acrylics can do that.

                                           Valiant Thor Courtesy of the Ashtar Command Crew

When I read that article, I must admit, I also thought about the infamous  Venusian,Valiant Thor (as I’m sure many people have).  Thor was a guest at the White House back in 1956 and he and his crew were the first human extraterrestrials officially reported by government officials.  According to the story, he was offering President Eisenhower some advice on how to run the world more efficiently. In fact, some of it was right on the money since it did portend to a plausible global economic collapse due to multiple wars. Well, we’ve had a couple recently, and the global economies are on the brink of collapsing. He also offered solutions to improve the health of humanity, but President Eisenhower felt that it wasn’t a profitable enterprise, so they set their sights on Germany which was, ironically, more open to new ideas.

Are Venusians physiologically different than earth humans? Yes, indeed they are. If they are real in the first place, and even though they can pass as earth humans. Various sources out there, including this book, say their eyes are a little bit widely positioned on their face, their ears are smaller than earth humans, they have six fingers, 24 teeth, no finger prints,  they’re hermaphrodites, and Thor has no belly button whatsoever, even though his comrades do. Not so sure about Venutio, and who knows how he would have gone about procreating with L.A women.   But there are physiological differences and these are, apparently, the Nordics that contactees talk about. The so called angels, if they are that. Is it inconceivable that angels would be here, among us? Perhaps among us right now, helping humanity during this fragile period in human history in which we’re in danger of extinction due to global warming or nuclear wars (among other things)? Personally, I feel the time is ripe for that sort of intervention. 

What else did Valiant Thor discuss during his meeting with Eisenhower? Find out in the interesting link below: