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The Forbidden Planet Article Review Part I

James W. Moseley wrote some very engaging articles, I highly recommend reading these informative, humorous peaces which are available on FATE magazine's website. I’m not going to talk about all the articles but I will discuss a few of them including this one, The Forbidden Planet. UFO Hunters’ fans will be pleased to know that I procured a coveted interview with Pat Uskert on my facebook page (the wonders of modern technology). UFO Hunters was the History Channel’s hit show that beat Jon Stewart’s ratings during its 3 season run.

 The Forbidden Planet Part 1

In this article The Forbidden Planet, Moseley shares some background information on himself and how he first entered the UFO field. He mentions that once his mother died, his world suddenly became cold and he started to rebel against society. As I mentioned in the previous blog, he rebelled against his authoritative father, General George Van Horn Woseley, a famous right wing anti-Semite figure in politics, by engaging in independent activities such his real estate pursuits, his antiquarian activities, and his gonzo journalism. This clash with his father translated to his relationships in the UFO community with autocratic, serious personalities who were fodder for many of his controversial articles and activities.

His antiquarian pursuits began with a magazine advertisement for Ken Krippine’s anthropological research club. Soon he was trekking the Amazon with other rich anthropological researchers in Krippine’s search for a lost city. It is on these jungle adventures that he began his huaquero hobby and where he first noticed the readability of the Nazca Lines from air.

 Curious about its history, Moseley he went to a local parish in the vicinity of the infamous Nazca pampas and inquired it. The local parish priest gave him a booklet entitled “Mystery on the Desert” by archaeologist Maria Reiche.  Maria Reiche, a German born mathematician who studied the Nazca pampas for 50 years, came to the conclusion that the Nazca Lines were an astronomical calendar which aligns with the constellation Orion. She also theorized that a large variety of delineated surfaces and wide lines required an enormous amount of labor.

 He later gauged Krippine for his opinion of the Nazca (or “Nasca” as it is sometime spelled) Lines.  The various forms… monkeys, fish, hummingbirds, spiders, sharks, orcas, and lizards, he surmised could have been created by native Peruvians with the help of aliens because ancient Peruvians didn’t fly planes in antiquity. Ken Krippine had borrowed this idea from Frank Scully's book Flying Saucers and Moseley would later detail this theory in his FATE magazine contribution which appeared in their October 1955 issue.  Erich Von Daeniken would go a step further in his book, “Chariots of the Gods,” and theorize that the Nazca Lines were an actual runway for flying saucers, despite the various animal forms they created which stretched for miles.  The huge success of the book “Chariots of the Gods” spawned the “ancient aliens” movement and theories based on aliens being among us in ancient times and perhaps created us to mine for gold. As a child, I did marvel at the ornate detailing of massive ancient structures such as the Nazca Lines and pyramids and how they were built by the sheer willpower and creativity of ancient people. Those feats do seem like the supernatural was necessary in order to build them. The artists were worthy of Michelangelo acclaim at least. But does it really mean that humans were helped by alien entities? Does it really require the help of aliens?

Or are the ancient structures the result of engineering by very limited people who are barely out of the stone age and not using mechanical tools (let alone computers)? Somehow the ancient pyramids, Puma Pumku, the statues on Easter Island, and Stonehenge had to be engineered in such a way that massive slabs of rock fit perfectly together. But how was it all achieved? Maybe one of UFO Hunters detectives, Pat Uskert, can help us solve this mystery. Or at least give us his opinion.

The Forbidden Planet 2- Pat Uskert Interview

Hi Pat, I'm writing blogs about James W. Moseley. I was wondering if you could grant me permission to use one of your quotes regarding the Taj Mahal and human potential. It's nice to hear different points of view rather than just relying on one (ancient astronaut theory).  But I want your opinion on the Nazca Lines first. Thanks.

The Nazca people believed the ancient lines were necessary for some reason. One theory is that they believed in energy lines running outward from energy points. We can only speculate about why they made these lines. The ancient UFO runway idea is a relic from Erich von Daeniken’s "Chariots of the Gods." Do we really believe UFOs need huge runways? Are these the same UFOs that can hover and change direction at any moment? My guess is that the Nazca Lines were used for spiritual and religious purposes. The same way the natives of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) put all their resources into carving giant statues, eventually exhausting their own trees. And the Aztecs sacrificed humans to fuel the sun. The Nazca drew giant lines and animal figures to perhaps launch their own souls into heaven or to appease the gods. These were the acts from a different paradigm. They lived in a different social reality. We can't really know what they were thinking.

What do you think about the Ancient Alien craze started by the series Ancient Aliens?

This ancient astronaut craze is nothing new. And I can't believe there is such a resurgence. Von Daeniken's book made a huge splash in the 70s. Fascinating book, excellent speculation, but some 30 years has passed and absolutely none of it can be proven. In fact, archeology only seems to be finding more and more evidence that ancient humans were simply incredible. As intelligent as we are today, but without the electronics and lasers.

Tell me more about the Taj Mahal. You believe it pokes holes in the ancient alien theory?

I visited the Taj Mahal last year on my first trip to incredible India. The Taj Mahal is but one example of the perfection of human engineering centuries before power tools, bulldozers, lasers, etc. Whatever has been suggested as necessary to build ancient sites from pyramids to Puma Pumku. But as we can see from the Taj Mahal, that it is simply not true. The Taj Mahal alone completely smashes all ancient alien arguments. The main argument of the ancient astronaut theorists seems to be that ancient humans did not have modern tools, could not drill and cut stone, and so aliens were involved. I’ve watched David Hatcher Childress proclaim with astonishment that indigenous Americans could cut stone at perfect 90 degree angles. Really? He really believes only aliens could make 90 degree angles? David hasn’t been to the Taj Mahal. Strangely, the Taj Mahal is completely ignored by ancient astronaut theorists. Is it ever on Ancient Aliens, I wonder?

What in particular about the Taj Mahal disproves the ancient alien theory?

 It was carved entirely out of a type of translucent marble, so it absorbs the light around it, almost like a pearl. It changes color throughout the day and shimmers under the moon and stars. It is mathematically perfect. Its marble pieces are each polished and fit together with perfection. Its towers are perfectly balanced, leaning outward. It has fine netting, exquisitely carved out of marble…marble mosquito netting. The marble was all cut, carved, and polished to perfect smoothness. It is a wonder of the world. And was entirely designed and constructed by humans in the 17th century without electricity, machines, or computers. A huge human achievement which completely demolishes ancient alien arguments just by standing there in its perfection. But it wasn’t built by humans alone - 1,000 elephants were used. They used elephant power.

So you're inferring that we were sophisticated enough back then to build all the ancient sites?

My point is, if humans can make the Taj Mahal without electricity, machines, computers four hundred years ago, then we could have done it 4,000 years ago. Human intelligence has not changed. The human brain has not changed physiologically in the past 10,000 or even 50,000 years. If anything, we have lost some intelligence if we are being baffled by the engineering of our ancestors.

I encourage people to do their own research and not just swallow the Ancient Alien Kool Aid. Even better, travel and see the wonders of the world for yourself. See the Cologne Cathedral, marvel at its size. It was built by humans. See the great wall of China, built by humans. See the thousands of staircases of the Himalayas climbing into the clouds – all built by humans. Answer, aliens?   No, we homo sapiens are a truly amazing being. If we can stop all our fighting and pettiness and put our minds to creating a good world, we can do amazing things.

Why have we stopped creating astonishing feats such as the pyramids throughout the world?

I just read the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, written over 1.5 thousand years ago. It was like talking to man a today, but something was different. He seemed even smarter than most of the people of today just more in tune with life, less distracted. It was humans like him, intense, highly intelligent, less distracted by toys and television and shopping, that designed and built ancient sites.

Do you think that ancient man could have possibly been more intelligent in the antiquarian period?

I'm living in a small village in Slovakia, at the moment. And I am amazed by the resourcefulness of the people. They all grow their own food, make their own wine, their own honey, fix their own cars, pick their own wild plants and mushrooms. They know how to build their own homes.  I am a "modern man" from California, and I am like a useless buffoon here with my laptop. It's given me a good insight into how resourceful we must have been long ago. Farmville is a great example of that. I'm in a real village where people really know how to plant and farm. It is not a game. Modern children couldn't plant to save their lives. Who is more intelligent? Which is the human that will survive?

So what role do the ETs play if any? Just visiting? You did mention seeing a UFO yourself on UFO Hunters.

I think the best researchers will simply say "we don't know." When it all comes down to it, we really don't know. I don't like to add my opinions and theories, because the truth is I don't know, and I am only adding more noise to the topic.

What conclusions have you formed about the aliens in your investigations? Who or what are they?

The ETs could be all kinds of the things. They could be our engineers. They could be our progeny, visiting us from the future. They could simply be observers from another place that have nothing to do with us. There are many theories. It could be they are us, very similar to us, but have branched off because we have become just too weird and warlike, fighting among ourselves and bombing each other, while they explore worlds in peace. Really can't say. One theory is that we used to be interstellar and amazing. Part of a giant intergalactic community. We are the ancient alien, not somebody else. We built our space ports, we had technology to fly to the stars, and we lost it tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago. We are the remnants of a great space-faring civilization that has lost its way and we still look to the stars. UFOs are other civilizations’ craft coming and going, docking at the old places they did thousands of years ago. But we have become a backwater, a ghost town. I like that theory. But it's mostly imaginative speculation. No better than the ancient alien theories that I spurn.

 I like the part about them visiting us from the future. Who knows, after we've colonized other planets.  Is there a theory for that?

I don’t know if there is a name for the theory. Maybe it’s up to you to think of one.

What  in particular do you spurn about the ancient aliens theory?

Ancient aliens theory is not fact. It is a great theory, that's it. Fun to think about, but we belittle ourselves if we honestly think we don't have the intelligence to build pyramids. We defeat ourselves and it's a dangerous philosophy - to believe we could not possibly have done it. We don't have the capability.

I believe just the opposite; each and every one of us has amazing capabilities. Each of us is potentially an explorer of worlds, or discoverers of some new medicine, or creators of some new technology if we develop that potential. However, if we squander it, believing we need the help of aliens to get anything done, we give our power away. Each of us is the amazing alien, traveling through space on our giant spaceship earth.

Melinda Carly

On your facebook page you write that the History Channel won’t give the fans another UFO Hunters season. It’s such a shame because you and Bill Birnes were such a great team. Have you done any projects together since the last UFO Hunters season?

I’m glad we looked like a great team on TV. I got along great with Bill and I would love to work with him again. Right now he’s doing his own projects -writing, TV appearances, etc. He is an amazing person. Bill completely changed my life. Before I met him and his wife, Nancy, I couldn’t believe I had the power to do something big, like get a show concept on TV. It was just out of my realm of possibilities. But sure enough, together we made it happen. I learned from Bill that each of us has tremendous power if we focus and apply it. Rather than sitting around and wishing about doing something, get out and do it. If you want to write a book, don’t just think about it, begin taking the steps to make it happen. And eventually it will come to pass.

As for doing more with Bill in the future, only networks can decide that. Networks are the Gate Keepers. They decide what goes on TV and what does not. If someone wants UFO Hunters back on TV, we would love to do it. But the trick would be to convince History or someone to make it happen.

So, Pat, what have you been up to since the UFO Hunters series ended?

I am currently involved in a new show, now in development. One of the networks is creating a new show about investigating ancient lost civilizations. I can’t give away details yet, but it should be a great adventure into evidence of lost civilizations. It’s a road I just have to go down. 

I am also working on a little travel film about exploring the Slovak Republic. It will be called “Exploring Slovakia: Land of Castles and Mountains.” I hope to get it aired on PBS, and if not, straight to DVD then. The Slovak Republic was once joined with the Czech Republic, forming the eastern bloc powerhouse Czechoslovakia. They separated in 1993 to form Czech and Slovak Republics and everyone seems to have forgotten this other beautiful country with epic castles and snow capped mountains. But everyone knows about the Czech Republic, mainly because of Prague. What they don’t know is that people of Prague and Czech Republic go to the Slovak Republic for vacations. Czechs love Slovakia. It is a huge travel secret and this year made Lonely Planet’s list of “Top Ten Travel Destinations.” The film is in progress, and I invite people to check out the website  www.slovakiajourney.com.

Author's comment:

Giant spaceship earth! Now that’s a beautiful image, thanks Mr. Uskert! While I’m not attempting to disprove the ancient alien theory because I don’t have an opinion either way, I do feel that other theories need equal weight. Perhaps the readers should coin the theory about ancient humans coming to earth as space farers.   Don’t forget to check out his latest projects- the yet to be titled series about evidence of lost civilizations and Exploring Slovakia: Land of Castles and Mountains www.slovakiajourney.com .

UFO Hunters: Military and UFOs (pertinent considering "The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure" took place this weekend).